ServerMania selects ROOT. Here’s 3 Reasons Why

Last year, ServerMania, an infrastructure and data hosting company based in Buffalo and Toronto, began evaluating expansion locations and colocation partners in the U.S. and Canada.  After an exhaustive evaluation process, they chose Montreal’s ROOT Data Center. Three key reasons:

  1. Expansion capabilities

According to IDC Canada, data generated from corporate systems, mobile devices, and the Internet of Thing (IoT) is pacing growth of 50 per cent per year. Major cloud providers have said that they’re anticipating tripling their infrastructure by 2020 (In other words, less than 18 months) – in part because their business depends on accommodating increased capacity requirements. Expansion isn’t a luxury. It’s make-or-break.

ServerMania, like any acute IT decision-maker, required a complete understanding of their potential colocation partner’s ability to scale. It might be impossible to forecast exactly what server needs are around the bend, but there should be transparency up front when it comes to expansion capacity. There are many, for example, without the experience of standing up data halls quickly or on short notice, or that can’t source increased power as needed.

ROOT can deploy faster than other data centers in Canada. With strategic sourcing and design innovation, strong supplier relationships, dedicated contractors, and an experienced in-house engineering team, multi-megawatt installations are up and running in less than 120 days.

Additionally, ROOT had raised $120M in financing over 18 months, including $90M from Goldman Sachs, ensuring future expansion requirements are secure and seamless. In fact, ROOT is raising a third data center, MTL-R1B, a greenfield development creating an additional 10MW of capacity. About 20 per cent of the new capacity was sold prior to ground-breaking.

  1. Cost

Data centers are power-hungry. In the past three years, Canada has built-out of over a million square feet of data center space, adding more than 100MW of power, and each province has different means of sourcing it.

What sets Quebec apart is the combination of rates and renewability. It’s green power – and it’s affordable.

Almost 100 per cent of Hydro-Quebec power comes from hydroelectricity, a clean form of energy that produces greenhouse gas emissions that are 50 times lower than natural gas, five times lower than solar power and almost equal to wind power.

Quebec is lake-rich which means accessible hydropower and stable electricity rates that are unaffected by fluctuating oil prices. Power costs for data center operations are four times lower in Montreal than in California, three-point-seven times lower than New York, and twice as low as Toronto where energy costs have almost doubled since 2006.

What sets ROOT apart is its combining of competitive power rates with an innovative waterless data center cooling technology called KyotoCooling that leverages cold Canadian winters to keep its centers at ambient temperature with the least amount of power. The high-density system facilitates free-air cooling for an outstanding 90 per cent of the time. It keeps operating costs low and those savings are passed along to the customer.

  1. Support 24/7

In our business, response time is everything. Data centers are complex ecosystems with core competency requirements that run the gamut from basic maintenance to skilled engineering, from simple analytics to specialization and the ability to troubleshoot in real time.

The best colocation partners anticipate customer needs. Not only do they have the right people in-house to maximize operations – they have enough highly-skilled team members to deliver the level of support required when the customer needs it. When a single outage can cost a customer millions, there’s no tolerance for voicemail or email that lie dormant. Partners have to be there when you need them most.

ServerMania’s commitment is 24/7 support with a guaranteed response within 15 minutes. Additionally, they promise that their customers will always know that the person answering the question is a server expert, with no need for the customer to hire additional staff in-house.

ROOT’s commitment includes 100 per cent uptime and 24/7 Remote Hands support that reinforces ServerMania’s standards, completing the package offering of low-cost, green energy solutions, strict security protocols and scalability, and sealing the deal. Today they’re delivering deployment to ServerMania’s customers in record time.

Want to learn more? Get the full picture and download the ServerMania Case Study. To see our new data center build from the ground up, join us on LinkedIn and Facebook where we’ll be posting updates over the next few months.