Customers can supply their own or use ROOT’s custom designed cabinets.

Designed and supplied by ROOT, all of our 44U cabinets come with a dedicated power feed, wire management and PDU space, customizable security option, and blanking panels to isolate airflow. The copper, fiber, and power cords that run above the cabinets are placed at least 12″ from each other to prevent EMI and improve the signal quality of external cables. We also ensure our cabinets are levelled at the same height to optimize airflow structure.


ROOT is able to provide a secure meshed cage to customers that require increased security.

  • All cages are made with a highly durable steel mesh.
  • Option to be installed “slab-to-slab” for an added layer of access control.
  • Customizable security access control system on the cage door, including biometric or IRIS technology.
  • Option to install CCTV systems within customer cages for 24×7 remote monitoring.


ROOT is able to provide build-to-suit dedicated data halls to customers with bespoke wholesale requirements.  Together with a streamlined operations team, ROOT is able to deliver a dedicated data halls in 90-120 days, half the industry standard.

Currently, MTL-R2 has up to nine data halls, 4,000 cabinets and 50MW of facility power, creating a future-proof environment to scale any wholesale requirements.