ROOT New Partnership with Technopolys

ROOT is pleased to announce its partnership with Technopolys.

Technopolys is a group dedicated to the promotion of Quebec’s technology industry, by bringing together all major industry stakeholders to help the continued growth of the industry in the province.

As a partner, ROOT is excited to be part of a group that aims to:

  • increase knowledge about its contribution to Quebec’s economy, the innovation ecosystem, and citizens’ quality of life;
  • promote entrepreneurship, technology careers, and the teaching programs that lead to them;
  • increase international recognition for Québec as a centre of digital innovation.

Since its inception ROOT has striven to achieve continued innovation in the Data Centre market – whether this be our ability for rapid deployment, or becoming the first data center in the world to employ artificial intelligence to maintain 100% uptime. Furthermore, due to our continued efforts in Montreal, ROOT was recognized with  three awards by the West Island Chamber of Commerce. Our partnership with Technopolys is simply an extension of ROOT’s values and involvement in the Quebec technology community.

To learn more about Technopolys mission click here.