ROOT Announces Expansion of MTL-R2 Facility

ROOT is very excited to announce today the expansion of our MTL-R2 facility, adding an additional 6MW of power capacity to Canada’s largest wholesale data center.

The build of the two new data halls is in response to the growing demand ROOT has seen amongst cloud providers and multinational customers in Montreal. This growing demand is why the majority of the available power capacity in the new data halls already have signed agreements, demonstrating ROOT’s commitment to providing colocation services in the Montreal region.

The ability to expand to meet customer’s growth has been a focus at ROOT, particularly with the release of our white paper Power, Real Estate, and Expansion Capacity. ROOT’s ability to grow and deploy capacity allows our customers to expand their operations as quickly as they need.

Effectively expanding on infrastructure, power, and space in short time frames to meet the demand for data center solutions not only benefits our customers, but also the region’s technology industry and Montreal’s economy. Economic investment and development in the community is vital to ROOT, and was recognized by The West Island Chamber of Commerce when ROOT was a winner of three different awards including Business of the Year.