ROOT Announces Expansion of its Montreal MTL-R1 Facility

Over the past few months ROOT has been happy to make several announcements about our growth and recognition as a data center company. ROOT is, therefore, pleased to announce the plan to build our third data center in Montreal that will become part of our MTL-R1 LaSalle campus.

This new construction will create an additional 10MW of power capacity and allow us to continue to meet the growing demands of new and existing customers. Roughly 20 percent of this new facility’s capacity has been pre-sold prior to construction – demonstrating our commitment to our customers evolving demands.

The rapid, global expansion of cloud-based companies is driven by an incredible increase in data generation. Therefore, data center owners and operators must look to secure the necessary capacity and space to serve these massive deployments. Montreal has become an optimal location for data center deployment, with ROOT’s ability to deliver highly-reliable infrastructure, low cost, green energy solutions as a testament to this.

You can read more about the announcement to expand our MTL-R1 facility here.

Below you can see the groundbreaking for construction that occurred this August, 2018: