A next-gen data center environment equipped with powerful, industry-leading features for the most advanced IT infrastructure.


5MW in MTL-R1
50MW in MTL-R2

Power distribution promises energy efficiency

Power per cabinet for scalable density needs

Did you know

Cost of power in Montreal, Quebec is the second lowest in North America for large power consumers, right after Winnipeg, Manitoba?

Compare electricity prices in major North America cities. [Download pdf – 693 KB]


Keep hot and cold air separated
ROOT utilizes hot aisle containment in conjunction with the traditional hot aisle/cold aisle approach. This design prevents hot and cold air from mixing, which increases cooling efficiencies and allows for high density deployments – as high as 40kW/cabinet. As a result, ROOT is able to achieve an average PUE of 1.2.


Free-cooling efficiencies
ROOT employs an energy-efficient air-to-air exchange and waterless cooling technology that leverages the cold Montreal climate to achieve free cooling over 90 per cent of the year. ROOT’s facilities are designed to achieve an average annual PUE of 1.2, with a PUE minimum as low as 1.12 during the winter months.


Our unique engineering and processes help us achieve industry-leading high speed deployment


Standardized inventory
We standardized most of our data center components and keep a high inventory of each.

Supplier relationships
We prioritize building relationship with suppliers who provide us with generators, cooling units, and construction services.

In-sourced team
We have an experienced, in-house team who excels at engineering, facility design, and operations management.

Flooring matters
We have completely moved away from the traditional raised floors and used slab across our centers.


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This design helps us save time by reacting to client demands instantaneously.

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A team that understands and respects our timelines ensures a synchronized project flow and allows for high-speed deployment.

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Keeping projects in-house enables us to execute the project from start to finish.

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Slab floors has the ability to hold more weight and require less time to build than raised floors.